Help for the store.


What to expect in Bettysoft Store?
In the Bettysoft Store you can download content, that have been uploaded by Bettysoft itself or by Bettysoft VIPs.
Are articles in the store with costs?
You can download the articles in the store for free.
Why can I report articles?
If an article in the Bettysoft Store contradicts with the guidelines for uploading content, it can be reported by any store visitor by clicking the report button (×). Reported articles be further investigated and may be removed from the store.
When should I report articles?
An article should always be reported when its content is illegal, violent, pornographic, ethnic, religious or otherwise culturally questionable.
An article should not be reported because you do not like it.
How do I redeem a code in the store?
You can redeem a code on store.bettysoft.de/code. Enter the code in the input field and press the OK-button.