Help for your VIP account.


Why do I need an Bettysoft VIP-account?
As a Bettysoft VIP you have many advantages, such as prioritised support, participation in BETA testing, and access to exclusive content.
How can I register as an VIP?
To register as Bettysoft VIP, open the page vip.bettysoft.de/registrate/ and fill in all the required data in the appropriate fields.
How much does it cost to be a Bettysoft VIP?
Nothing. An Bettysoft VIP account is absolutely free.
Is my data secure?
Your data (mail address and password) are secured with advanced algorithms. Your mail address is protected with AES and your password with SHA-2.
In addition, all communication between you and the Bettysoft server is secured via HTTPS.
I forgot my password. What can I do?
Visit vip.bettysoft.de/forgot/ and enter your mail address in the designated text box. If you have created a security code in your VIP account, enter it, too.
Then click reset. You will receive a new password via mail.